Nova Alternative Energy Systems


Solar Power



                Where utility power is available, a grid connected PV system can supply some of the energy needed and use the utility in place of batteries

Home government and business owners are installing PV systems connected to the utility grid. They do so because they know that the system reduces the amount of electricity they purchase from the utility each month. They also realize that PV consumes no fuel and generates no pollution.

The owner of a grid –connected PV system may even be able to sell electricity back to the grid each month. This is because electricity generated by the PV system can be used on site and fed through a meter into the utility grid. Solar electric systems are examples of grid connected solar electricity.

We are qualified to install all grid-intertied (utility-interactive) solar electric systems.

We use the latest Performance Metering and Photovoltaic’s.


While photovoltaic, or PV cells, employ sophisticated semiconductor devices, solar electric systems are simple to operate and have no moving parts; they are built to last.

Each day more energy falls to the earth from the sun’s rays than the total amount of energy our 6+ billion inhabitants would consume in 27 years. The requirement for energy provided a big momentum in advancing solar technology, making it more efficient and affordable.